CT4 Demo Webinars Details

Here are informal webinars covering the basic features of ChemTracker 4.0, Inventory Management.

  • You can close the Participants and Table of Contents boxes that open in front of the screen.
  • If you have a screensaver set up, you may need to move your mouse at intervals to avoid getting a black screen.
  • You can use the progress bar to move ahead or back; below are the approximate times each topic is covered.

Webinar 1: General Navigation, Searching and Displays (38 minutes)

Topics Approx. time into webinar
Introduction, Contents 00:10
Home Screen Navigation 02:32
Using a Search Template 04:19
Summary View 04:32
Search Page 08:02
Search Page Layout, Clearing Fields, Expanding/Collapsing Categories 08:56
Search for a Specific Chemical Chemical Name, Presearch 10:46
How Searching for Chemical Identifier Works 13:28
Search by CAS Number 16:43
Search by Formula 17:53
Details View 19:25
Show/Hide Columns 20:18
Change Column Order 22:46
Download to Excel 23:31
Change Units 25:04
Linked vs. Unlinked Records 25:30
Other Search Fields 27:27
Search by Multiple Hazards 28:40
Create Search Template 29:54
Access & Delete Search Templates 31:03
Search by Hazard/Lab Standard 31:51
Search by Storage Group 32:50
Adding Additional Search Values 34:45
Help 35:51
Future Upgrades 35:56
Logoff 37:54


Webinar 2: Duplicate, Delete, Modify Single and Multiple Records (35 minutes)

Topics Approx. time into webinar
Introduction, Quick Review, Searching 00:00
Delete Inventory 05:00
Duplicate Inventory 05:29
Edit a Single Item 07:00
Edit Multiple Items 19:40
Surplus 29:22


Webinar 3: Add Inventory, Add Inventory Templates (28 minutes)

Topics Approx. time into webinar
Intro, Quick Review 00:00
Adding Inventory 03:35
Required Fields 03:54
Clear Selections 05:18
Optional Fields 08:03
Incrementing Barcode Numbers 08:45
Add Inventory Templates 10:59 and throughout
Linking 13:31
Start with Product Number 13:32
Mixtures and Household Items 18:09
Add Using a CAS Number 20:15
Search to Verify, Sort by Created 22:08