Browser Settings for Safari (Mac)

Below are the steps needed to prepare your Safari (Mac) to work with ChemTracker.
Note: your browser may already have some of these settings selected, but you should check to be certain.

  1. Allow Cookies from CT

    In the Safari menu/Preferences, select the “Security” tab. For “Accept Cookies” click on “Only sites I visit”. 

  2. Enable Java and JavaScript

    Also under the Security tab, check the check-boxes titled “Enable Java” and “Enable JavaScript.” 

  3. Allow CT Pop-ups

    ChemTracker uses “pop up” windows to display certain types of information. All pop-up blockers, whether Windows or third party software, must be turned off or otherwise disabled (i.e., allow pop-ups). Otherwise you may not be able to see the results of a query and other information, and ChemTracker will not work properly. Consult with your local IT support to determine if you can turn the pop-up blocker off completely. 

    Also under the Security tab, Uncheck “Block pop-up windows.”

  4. Safari Settings Turn off pop-up blocker

  5. Restart computer

    At this point your computer should be properly set up to run ChemTracker. Once you have confirmed or added the above settings, re-boot your computer, access and log in to your organization’s ChemTracker instance. If you have any difficulty with access or log-in, email ChemTracker Support at