Browser Settings for Internet Explorer (PC)

Internet Explorer is not supported with ChemTracker 4, Inventory Management.

Below are the steps needed to prepare Internet Explorer version 7 (IE 7) to work with ChemTracker.
Note: your browser may already have some of these settings selected, but you should check to be certain.

  1. Disable Caching

    In the Tools menu/Internet Options/General tab/Browsing history, click the “Settings” button.
    Then select “Check for newer versions of stored pages: Every time I visit the webpage.”
  2. Allow Cookies from CT

    • Also in Tools menu/Internet Options, select the “Privacy” tab, then the “Advanced” button to access cookie handling options.
    • Check the “Override automatic cookie handling” checkbox
    • Select the “Accept” (or “Prompt”) option under “First-party Cookies”
    • Select the “Prompt” option under “Third-party Cookies”
    • Check the “Always allow session cookies” checkbox.
    • Click the OK button

  3. Enable Java

    Also in Tools/Internet Options of IE, select the Advanced tab, and check the checkbox entitled “Java (Sun) Use JRE 1.n.m_mm for ” (where n.m_mm are user computer specific version numbers).

  4. Allow CT Pop-ups

    ChemTracker uses “pop up” windows to display certain types of information. All pop-up blockers, whether Windows or third party software, must be turned off or otherwise disabled (i.e., allow pop-ups). Otherwise you may not be able to see the results of a query and other information, and ChemTracker will not work properly.
    Use the Tools menu and select Pop-Up Blocker. Consult with your local IT support to determine if you can turn the pop-up blocker off completely, or use the settings to turn the blocker off for the ChemTracker sites.
    IE7 Settings Turn off pop-up blocker
    Allow pop-ups on the following sites: 


    IE7 Settings Allow CT pop-ups

  5. Allow Access to CT websites and Enable JavaScript

    From the Tools menu, select Internet Options. In the Security tab, press the Sites button. Enter each of the following ChemTracker sites (we recommend you copy-and-paste to avoid typos) and press the Allow button: 


    IE7 Settings Add CT to trusted sites

    Close the window. Then select the Custom Level button.
    IE7 Settings use custom level

    In the Scripting category, be sure Active Scripting, Scripting of Java Applets are enabled. Click OK.
    IE7 Settings Enable JavaScript

  6. Restart computer

    At this point your computer should be properly set up to run ChemTracker. Once you have confirmed or added the above settings, re-boot your computer, access and log in to your organization’s ChemTracker instance. If you have any difficulty with access or log-in, email ChemTracker Support at